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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Can Mobile Technology Help to Improve Students’ Writing Ability?

At first glance, I wouldn’t have thought that mobile technology would have anything to do with helping students improve their written skills. Many companies have taken this particular bull firmly by the horns to develop a number of essay apps designed to help young people learn how to write better and put together more convincing arguments when faced with a writing assignment.

Mobile applications have been developed for use with the iPhone and iPad, which means that students can get access to writing help quickly and easily. Why focus on helping students learn how to be better writers? Well, if falling SAT scores in the written portion of the test are any indication, this is where they need the help, so why not combine it with their favorite gadget?

Being able to communicate clearly is a skill that can be learned, and it’s to a student’s advantage to master it. Not only will they need good written skills if they want to do well in school at the post-secondary level, these skills are necessary for success on the job since employers are actively looking for candidates with superior writing abilities.

If mobile technology can help young people develop the skills necessary for success, then more schools should consider using the apps that are easily available. I’m all for doing whatever works to remain focused on the ultimate goal.


  1. I am sure that mobile technology can help kids improve their writing skills. Students can use spelling checkers, check for plagiarism, and learn a new language on the go with apps and tools for writing that are available on smartphones. Also, affordable book printing services make it easier for students to share their writing and get feedback on it.

  2. Embracing new tools can help students improve their writing skills, and their literary achievements can be showcased and celebrated in the community with the help of local book publishers.