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Monday, October 24, 2011

Mobile Websites Will Drive Sales for Retailers This Holiday Season

The annual holiday shopping season is about to start, and mobile retail websites definitely have a role to play in helping consumers get the most bang for their buck. I can’t say that I enjoy shopping as an activity at any time of the year. Any technology that can make it a quicker and easier experience is something that I am prepared to embrace with open arms.

Recent surveys and data about consumer interactions with mobile web offer some very interesting results. It found that consumers are turning to mobile websites to provide them with information they need to make an educated decision. A full 63 percent of respondents said that they had visited a store’s website from a mobile device and I was surprised to find out that 41 percent of them have done so from within the store itself.

Using mobile devices to check out offerings does not necessarily translate into loyalty, though. Shoppers reported checking out the offerings from another store during the same visit.

Mobile sites can act as more than just an electronic brochure for a retail establishment. They can be an effective promotional tool for retailers. Shoppers who are already interested in researching prices and taking advantage of store coupons to find the best deals on the perfect gift will simply reach for their smart phones. Savvy store owners will make sure they are providing that information.


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