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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mobile Marketing Campaigns Need to Anticipate Consumer Behavior

When creating a marketing campaign, marketers today should consider including mobile coupons on the days and times when the recipient would be receptive to messages. The results of a study conducted by RevTrax point to Wednesday and Thursday as the most popular days for consumers to print coupons they receive electronically.
This makes a lot of sense, as many people plan weekend shopping trips in advance by printing off coupons for the things they want to buy. Companies planning SMS marketing campaigns should keep in mind that buyers will be actively searching for online coupons midweek, and these could be the best days for introducing new offers to prospective buyers.
Approximately ten percent of mobile phone owners anticipate that they will redeem a coupon this year, and that translates to almost 20 million adults in the U.S. alone. This figure is expected to increase to almost 30 million mobile phone users in 2012.
Offering coupons is a great way to get prospective buyers in the door. Once they are in your business, buyers are more likely to get them to buy other products. I know that I’m more likely to buy something if I am already in the store rather than go elsewhere, and this strategy can work for other businesses as well.

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