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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SMS Message Incentives are Key to Getting Mobile Device Users to Buy

I like an incentive as much as the next person does. Marketers know that sweetening a deal by offering something extra is an effective way to get mobile device users to turn into buyers. Offering a coupon, discount, or a gift card can help to increase sales, and using text messages to share these offers with buyers is an effective way to do so.

The targeted SMS messages make the offer appear available to selected customers, which is a very effective strategy. The results of a survey conducted by the Mobile Marketing Association support this idea. When 1,000 mobile device users were asked if they would be willing to use their mobile phone to buy an item if they received a prompt with a special offer, 62 percent of respondents stated that they would.

Mobile marketers take heed: a significant portion of the buying public is willing to embrace mobile technology to buy products. They are ready and willing to spend, and mobile devices make the process a quick and easy one.

Retailers who miss the boat on offering mobile payment options are also going to find it more challenging to retain their customer base. The best time to start planning a mobile marketing campaign is now. This technology isn't going to go away and customers will become more sophisticated over time about what they expect from the retailers they deal with.

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