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Monday, November 28, 2011

Consumer Friendly Mobile Websites Will Win Big This Holiday Season

It's time for the official holiday shopping season kick-off. Over the next month, retailers will be vying for shoppers' hard-earned dollars. I can see that the ones that have put some thought into their mobile web site will be the most successful during this important time of year.
Consumers are relying on their mobile devices to make on-the-go purchasing decisions this holiday season, and retailers that give consumers easy to read, accessible mobile websites can win over competitors that do not have true mobile sites.
What are the most important elements retailers should include in their mobile web sites? It is important for them to think like a customer and answer quickly and easily the questions that shoppers might have.
Make sure that the store location and hours are prominently displayed on the site. If a customer has to hunt for them for more than a couple of seconds, they will have moved on. People are busy, and the holiday season just means that they have more distractions than usual competing for their attention.
The big surge in mobile searches by holiday shoppers will probably start in the last couple of weeks before Christmas. That is the time when people who have not completed (or even started) their shopping get serious about choosing gifts for family and friends. This is the point where retailers will up the mobile web site ante by making sure that they are offering coupons to buyers and offering gift suggestions to prospective buyers to encourage them to make a buying decision.

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