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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Choose Keywords Carefully for Mobile Marketing Success

I know that I have discussed mobile marketing strategies at length recently, and that's because this is the advertising wave of the future. Part of developing a mobile marketing strategy is choosing the right keywords. What works for desktop internet searches does not translate well to the mobile marketing sphere.

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 Whereas an internet user working from a desktop computer may not necessarily be looking for local results in a search, consumers using smart phones or tablets to search for information are looking for businesses that are close by.  When choosing keywords for mobile devices, I would suggest including the name of the city or town in the keyword phrase to make it easier for consumers to find your business.

Long-tail keywords, which worked very well for desktop internet users, are probably not the best choice if you want to target the mobile market. People using handheld devices or tablets to look for information want to find what they need quickly and efficiently, with as few words as possible. You will need to come up with some phrases that can direct consumers to your business without being overly wordy.

Make sure you include some common misspellings your keyword phrase. When someone is using a device with a smaller keyboard than the standard desktop model, the potential for making errors increases dramatically.

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