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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mobile Websites Are Becoming a Necessity for Retailers

Retailers who want to remain competitive must invest the resources necessary to make sure that they have a good mobile website. I see this as the big shopping development of the future. Consumers are embracing the idea of using a mobile device for shopping like never before.

As this technology improves, I think we can expect to see the numbers continue to rise over time. In the past, it was important for businesses to have an online presence using keywords that would attract potential customers. While that is still the case, now company websites also need to be optimized for mobile users.

Retailers who are slow to get out of this particular gate will find that they are missing a big piece of the potential revenue pie. With many consumers focusing on getting the best deal for products they are buying, I can see them spending some time using a tablet or smart phone to shop around before they set foot in the store. As more people become comfortable with online shopping, busy consumers are more likely to simply look for products electronically rather than taking the time to visit a brick-and-mortar store.

I know that businesses are competing for the same dollars from their customer base no matter how they choose to shop. The brands that will be left standing 12 months from now will be the ones that have taken the steps necessary to optimize their sites for mobile consumers.

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