Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Report Finds Majority of Cell Phone Owners Using SMS

We here at 3Seventy know how effective SMS marketing can be, as it reaches 100% of all mobile phones in the United States, unlike any other advertising medium today. Pew Research recently released a study which serves to confirm that fact. 
The results indicate that 75 percent of mobile phone owners said that they text. The survey also indicated that 50% of respondents said that they use their mobile phones to take pictures and video. Less than one quarter of respondents (23 percent) use their cell phones to browse the internet.

As always, when I read the results of surveys like this, I think about what it means for mobile marketers. Since texting is already a popular activity worldwide, marketers should be planning to step up their SMS campaigns

This strategy can be a very effective tool to build a customer database that marketers can use to ensure that the offers they are making are going to be ones that their target market finds appealing. While mobile messaging is an effective way to reach out to a customer base, marketers need to take care not to overwhelm customers with messages. Doing so will only add to the level of "noise” that modern-day consumers are bombarded with on a daily basis.

The report found that texting is a global phenomenon, with respondents in 19 of the 21 countries surveyed doing so on a regular basis. The under-30 age group is most likely to use their mobile phones for texting and other purposes other than making calls.


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