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Monday, January 16, 2012

Smartphone Sales Pushing Increases in Mobile Marketing Budgets

This isn't the age old question of, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" The fact is that the increase in smartphone sales is driving companies to increase the amount of funding they are prepared to devote to their mobile marketing efforts.

Digital Marketer is predicting that marketing to customers using mobile phones is going to start replacing methods that are more traditional. According to Nielsen, approximately 43% of cell phone subscribers in the US own smartphones. Despite this fact, purchases made using mobile devices are still relatively low.

In my opinion, this means mobile phone users represent a large, untapped market for businesses. They have the technology in their hands - literally. All consumers need now is a way to use their smartphones that will lead to them open up their wallets.

Now it is up to businesses to adopt strategies that will make it easy for them to reach out to their customer base. Within the last year, smart phone sales have risen dramatically. There are enough smartphone owners to justify spending budgeted money on mobile marketing.

Sales estimates for 2011 indicate that m-commerce originating from smart phones was approximately $5 billion. Given the fact that sales from the year before were approximately $2 billion, this increase means that m-commerce is about to be the next Big Thing.


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  2. It is worth noting that the carriers are pushing consumers away from features phones. Just stop into any Verizon, AT&T store or other carrier store and it’s increasingly hard to find “dumb” phones.

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