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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Smartphone Users Embracing Mobile Technology to Shop

I know Smartphone owners love their technology, and I wasn't entirely surprised to find that one-third of them had made an online purchase using their phone. A recent survey found that another 26 percent of owners had purchased an item online using one of the many apps available for their phones.

Now that we know consumers are ready and willing to embrace mobile applications, retailers need to make sure that their offerings are user friendly. Mobile web sites must be easy to navigate or users will move on to another one. I know that I do not have a lot of patience for web sites that are slow or confusing to figure out, and other consumers share this attitude, too.

Retailers who want to encourage mobile device users to become buyers need to be especially vigilant about making sure they are offering a quality experience to their visitors. The survey also found that almost one-third of respondents reported that they had trouble navigating mobile web sites.

The other interesting part of this survey's results had to do with the number of marketers that had developed a mobile optimized site. I was surprised to read that only 20 percent of them had done so. There is a huge, untapped market ready to click their way to making purchases and retailers need to do a better job of making it easy for them to shop using mobile technology.

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