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Monday, March 5, 2012

Build Mobile Websites for Users on the Go

Setting up a website is an important part of marketing for modern businesses, but it isn't enough to attract customers who are using mobile devices to surf the net.  The marketing plan should also include a plan to build mobile websites that will be easy for cell phone, smartphone and tablet users to access.

Business owners who are conscious of their bottom line may not want to invest in developing a true mobile website, but this will be money well spent.  Mobile users are utilizing their devices to perform searches for many types of products and services, and businesses with mobile websites will have a better chance of capturing their business.

For it to be a true mobile website, it must be one that has simple navigation.  Internet users have notoriously short attention spans, and mobile device users are no exception.  If a company website is slow to load or doesn't appear to be user-friendly, mobile users will simply click away.

Another way that mobile websites can be made more user friendly is by anticipating the customer's next step when he or she lands on it. Adding features such as a contact button, which immediately connects the customer to the business by phone makes it easy for them to make contact to answer questions or get information needed to make a buying decision.

With the number of mobile searches continuing to increase, developing a website that can meet the needs of users on the go will pay off in higher revenues.

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