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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mobile Coupons and Marketing Strategies Prove Appealing to Consumers

The Consumer Electronics Association recently released the results of a study and I found the information to be very interesting. Nine out of 10 consumers in the United States own a cellular phone, smartphone or a tablet, and 37 percent of them are using some type of mobile commerce.

I found it even more interesting that the average consumer plans to spend $575 on mobile purchases over the next 12 months. Not surprisingly, the items shopped for most often on mobile devices are consumer electronics, footwear, and clothing. These are items that people enjoy browsing for and comparing prices on before making their selection.

Mobile coupons are very popular with consumers as well, with most respondents stating that they planned to use them more often over the next year. Searching for coupons is set to become an activity in itself, with approximately one-third of respondents saying that they expect that they will use their mobile devices to search for them online more often.

Thirty percent of respondents revealed that they plan to use their mobile device to redeem mobile coupons, and 29 percent said that they use hand-held devices to search for coupons in e-mail.

Since consumers have already proven their love for mobile devices and finding coupons to save money, mobile marketing strategies should definitely include them. Offering a coupon has been an effective strategy in marketing, and using the mobile version is just the modern equivalent of the paper coupon.

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