Friday, March 23, 2012

Going Green with SMS Marketing

Why would a business want to adopt an SMS marketing strategy? The main reason that I can see companies being interested in this type of marketing is because it works. There are almost 6 billion cell phone subscriptions worldwide, and as texting continues to become the primary way consumers communication, text messages will become a more important way for businesses to connect with their customers.

One way to get the public on board with this type of mobile marketing would be to emphasize that it is a “green” means of advertising. Electronic messages being sent to a device that the recipient already owns means that a company does not have to go to the time and expense to produce paper advertising materials and assume the cost of having it distributed to potential buyers.

SMS messages are a much more effective way to share messages with customers. They are short, to the point, and can be directed at a specific target market. With sending out paper flyers, a good portion of recipients will simply discard them without even reading them. SMS messages, in contrast, have a 99% open rate with recipients. If getting the potential buyer to read the message is half the battle, I can see the conversion rates will be much higher using this technique.

Not only is it a green way to attract buyers, but SMS marketing is a method that gets results. This is truly a win-win situation for business owners.


  1. You raise valid points. There are many advantages to using SMS marketing. Aside from a high conversion rate, it also costs much less than other kinds of marketing efforts. Still, relying on just this would be insufficient. A digital marketing agency may argue that an online campaign could be just as effective.

  2. Everything you wrote is true and I truly feel the same as you . Nice piece of work.