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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Mobile Marketing Conference 2012 Wrapup

Last week, Carrie Chitsey, CEO of 3Seventy, and Candice Beckmann, Partner Account Manager, attended the Mobile Marketing Conference in Miami, FL. After meeting many great people, listening to informative sessions, and enjoying some Florida sunshine, they are back in the office, full of new ideas for our clients. Candice Beckmann has highlighted her takeaways from the conference here:

I have grown accustomed to attending conferences with thousands of people, 3 minute conversations, and walking the long aisles of a convention center. However, the Mobile Marketing Conference was an intimate gathering of major brands and mobile experts sharing their experiences with mobile solutions, a refreshing change that allowed attendees to really get to know each other, the speakers, and the conference organizers.

Most of the sessions were presented by interactive and digital directors from brands. The range of experiences included success stories with apps, mobile websites, SMS messaging, traditional websites, QR codes, and snap tags. Companies such as Capital One, Taco Bell, and L’Oreal found great success with innovative mobile apps that allowed users to connect with their products or services. Others, such as Gap and Forrester Research, found mobile web to be the most valuable resource, companies.

It was incredibly useful to hear about the creative and technical solutions that large companies produced with mobile tools. Though none of the mobile concepts were new to me, but the experiences were beneficial and some the important takeaways included:
  • A strong mobile strategy must consider both the long and short term ways to engage your audience.
  • It’s important to create an integrated digital experience in multiple channels.
  • You must have a mobile website, because without it you are lost to the consumer.
  • Using mobile to educate your consumer aids loyalty to your brand.
  • A successful SMS campaign means sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

I think the conference reiterated the importance of a mobile strategy to a number of managers and executives from top brands in the U.S., and gave them the tools and knowledge to get started now, before it's too late.


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