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Monday, April 16, 2012

Luxury Retailers Now Offering Mobile Coupons to Customers

I was interested to discover recently that luxury retailers such as Neiman Marcus are embracing mobile marketing and changing the way they attract customers. These companies are offering mobile coupons and mobile apps campaigns, and the results of this strategy are proving effective for them.
NM Service App

For example, Neiman Marcus has recently introduced a program called NM Service. Customers accessing this pilot program can find out when their favorite sales clerks will be working. This mobile app for business also allows customers to schedule an appointment with a specific salesperson or pick out the items they are most interested in seeing when they arrive at the store.

I can see that this mobile marketing strategy would be an effective one to engage buyers and foster loyalty with a company's existing customer base. The app reaches out to customers where they are and offers them the convenience of dealing with staff members with whom they have already developed a relationship. This mobile engagement platform also allows busy consumers to focus on the types of items they are most interested in when they visit the store's brick and mortar location.

Customers who are shopping at luxury retail establishments have a certain expectation of the level of service they are going to receive when they go shopping. Being able to arrange an appointment in advance at the store with someone they know is going to be an attractive feature for customers and being able to arrange to view a set product line is even more likely to make these customers feel special.


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