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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way Retailers Do Business

Nothing stays the same, and this is true for retailers as well as other types of business. I was interested to learn that e-commerce sales increased by 13.5 percent in the 2011 holiday season, while sales in brick and mortar stores were up by only 2.8 percent. 

I can see that as consumers continue to become more comfortable with buying products electronically, mobile shopping will become an even more important part of a retailer's business operations and having a mobile website will become crucial to future success. Consumers will be looking for even more features as their level of sophistication with online shopping grows, and retailers will need to make sure that they have a well-designed mobile web site up and running to respond to customers' needs.

Retailers should anticipate the customer's needs and respond to them by making mobile engagement platforms easy to navigate on the go, through mobile channels such as SMS messaging and mobile websites. The customer should be able to access store contact information quickly. Providing a button that will immediately dial the closest store's number is a great strategy to accomplish this goal.

The shopping feature on the mobile web site should also be easy to navigate. Customers should be able to see the store's inventory online so that they can make a buying decision quickly. If this function is slow to load or too complicated, the online buyer is likely to click away without buying.

Mobile marketing for retailers is here to stay, and having a well-designed mobile marketing strategy is becoming an important feature for businesses.


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