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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Think Content First When Creating a Mobile Website

If you have ever heard the expression, "Content is king," you may not know that it applies to businesses that are creating mobile websites as well. I know that a company's mobile website is an important part of doing business, and the success of the site will depend on the way it is set up for visitors.

One very important factor is for the company to provide answers within its content to questions that prospects and existing customers will likely be asking. This format should provide an overview of the company's products and services, as well as key points about features and benefits to mobile web browsers.

As part of your mobile engagement solutions, make sure that your mobile website is SEO optimized. If you put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and ask what types of keyword phrases they would use to find your business, you can start to build a list that you can use for your web copy.

Keep in mind that the content you are providing on a website for mobile devices must be customer friendly. Internet users do not want to have to dig for the information they need, and someone who is using a handheld device is likely to be even less patient than a desktop computer user.

When providing information to prospective customers on your mobile website, use a "show, don't tell" approach. Use figures and direct examples of how your product or service can benefit them. All of these strategies will help to make your mobile website an important business generation tool.


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