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Monday, April 9, 2012

The New Sweet Spot? SMS Marketing & the College Demographic

According to a recent Nielson report, if a brand wants to reach young mobile users aged 18-24, they need to do so via SMS messaging. This current demographic is within arms reach of their phone at all times of the day and sending nearly 1,700 text messages monthly.  However, if businesses do not take into account the user habits of this particular demographic then what appears to be a successful campaign could easily fail. 

SMS messaging is a great way to reach consumers to build brand awareness and increase overall engagement, rather than a means to make sales pitches.  This demographic is more likely to opt-out if they feel they are trying to be sold on a product or business rather than informed.  Therefore, companies will want to build a relationship with these customers by using SMS messaging to inform customers about products, pricing, specials, and exclusive offers for mobile users.

In order to engage this demographic you must keep the messages clear and simple.  College students are not interested in lengthy messages that provide them little benefits.  Use simple language and universal text shortcuts to avoid ambiguity and get your point across easily.

And lastly, a business can make better use of the SMS campaign if they integrate two-way SMS communication.  This way, brands can go beyond awareness to create dialogues with their customers, increasing loyalty significantly. Don’t just push messages at consumers but pull messages as well. 


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