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Friday, April 13, 2012

Survey Finds QR Code Use Increased in 2011

I was quite interested to read the mobile engagement stats reported from a survey conducted by Competitrack, an advertising tracking firm. The company released a report stating that use of QR codes for marketing increased in popularity and reviews by a number of companies who wanted to make a point of connecting with customers using smart phones and other types of mobile devices. 
Puma using QR Code Advertising in Japan   
These square codes are not new; they have been used in Asian markets for several years. QR code advertising, however, is relatively new to Western consumers. The survey results in the Competitrack report indicate that buyers in North America are rapidly catching up to their counterparts on the other side of the globe in the use of QR codes for business.

The survey results in the report indicate that QR codes are the most popular type of 2D barcodes currently in use, with 87 percent of all mobile media marketing campaigns incorporating them. Retailers used QR codes and QR code marketing most often, with technology firms coming in second.

I found it interesting that 40 percent of the codes used by companies directed consumers to the company's homepage or an e-commerce site.  I can see that as QR codes become more popular with consumers, they will play a bigger role. The next step in the process will likely be for consumers to use their mobile devices to pay for items they wish to purchase. QR codes will continue to become more common and businesses will find creative ways to use them to provide information to buyers.


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