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Monday, February 13, 2012

Businesses and Consumers Can Benefit from QR Codes

QR codes can be a great way to share information with potential buyers, when used correctly. These square codes can be placed on packaging, websites, signs, or in magazines and newspapers, and can make an effective marketing tool. 

When the QR codes are scanned with a smartphone, the mobile device user can access specific content produced by the company. The consumer may see a video, a company website or gain access to coupons and special offers simply by scanning the code. They can also be used to suggest other products in which the buyer may be interested. This type of suggestive selling can be an effective way to keep the consumer in the store longer, and potentially encourage him or her to continue shopping after scanning the QR code. 

I can also see that QR codes can be effectively used by consumers for their own applications. A consumer can use a QR code generator to make their own personal codes to mark items and keep track of records. This application could be used to mark boxes when moving to make unpacking a much more efficient process.
Another personal application for QR codes that I can envision consumers using at home is if they want to mark boxes of craft supplies, toys, receipts and other items that they will need to keep track of. Scanning the code with a smartphone will indicate at a glance what the contents of a particular box are without having to go through it.

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