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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spending on Mobile Business Apps to Increase in 2012

Mobile Business Forecast 2012 recently released statistics on the state of mobile business apps in 2012. Companies in the US and the UK are planning to increase their spending on mobile business apps

Of the 1,000 business leaders who responded to the survey questions, one-third stated that they were planning to launch four or more mobile applications within the next 18 months. I can see that mobile technology is having a profound impact on the way companies do business, and it makes sense for companies to invest more of their available funds to keep up with recent changes in technology. 

The results of the survey also indicated that business owners were often frustrated with how long it takes to get a mobile project from the idea stage to the market. Approximately 50 percent of business owners expressed their displeasure, and I can understand why they would find the process to be less than satisfactory. With the average time to get a mobile business app launched taking approximately six months, companies have been facing significant delays, which may have an impact on their bottom line.
Now that companies are committed to spending more money on mobile business apps, it may take less time to get them launched going forward. Mobile marketing is an important part of doing business for companies of all sizes, and it makes sense to spend more funds to develop mobile apps for business.


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