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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cell Phone Marketing Turns Devices into Mobile Billboards

Location-based mobile phone marketing is going to become even more popular over time. Many people consider their phone phones to be an essential accessory and they carry them wherever they go. It makes perfect sense to me that business owners will use this medium as a way to reach out to potential buyers.

To make the advertising messages more meaningful to potential customers, businesses will be able to use location-specific marketing. A company can set up an electronic radius of approximately 300 feet around its entrance. Anyone who has a Bluetooth-equipped mobile phone passing within this area will see a special tile appear on its screen.

Along with the tile, the customer will see a message asking for permission to share an ad. To encourage the recipient to opt in and say, “Yes," a coupon or a special offer may accompany the message. I can see that a certain percentage of consumers will agree to receive the message out of sheer curiosity, and this can be an effective way to extend an immediate invitation to the consumer to go into a store or other type of business to learn more about its products and services.

This strategy can also be used by large retailers who want to drive in-store traffic to certain areas and drive sales. Consumers who are curious about the messages they are receiving through mobile phone marketing are likely to be intrigued once they see the offer and may decide to act on it.


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