Friday, February 24, 2012

Mobile Text Marketing Allows Businesses Connect with Consumers

The next logical step in mobile marketing for businesses is to allow customers to interact with the company through their smartphones. Mobile text marketing is a way for businesses and organizations to broadcast text messages from a desktop computer unit. The business would send out a message and the customer will be invited to reply. Once that customer has opted into the program by responding to the text message, the company would be able to send additional promotional text messages at intervals to the customers on its text message list.

One way that I can see this type of mobile marketing working well for business owners is if customers respond to the initial message and receive a mobile coupon in return. This is a great strategy to encourage loyalty to a specific brand, and the business can use the mobile texts to keep in touch with customers and inform about specials, new products and the like.

For companies located near the Canadian border, this type of technology can be directed at consumers in the U.S. and Canada. I can see this would working well, since the business sending out the text messages would not have to duplicate its advertising campaigns to appeal to customers in each country separately. When a business can use one method and reach a larger pool of potential buyers, this is a winning strategy in my opinion and mobile text marketing is a great example.


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