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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mobile Websites Becoming a Must for Hotel Owners

Starwood Hotels use mobile "Click-to-Call" ads to drive traffic
With more and more consumers using their smartphones to surf the Web, mobile websites are becoming increasingly important to the hospitality trade, including hotel owners. I can see that one of the main purposes for building mobile websites would be for travelers to make reservations on the go.

Cell phone reservations are quite popular with people who are looking to make bookings, and this function can work very well for hotel chains and independent operations that get drive-in customers. With the 2011 number of mobile hotel searches up 3,000 percent over the previous year, now is the time for owners to make sure they have a mobile engagement platform with proper mobile web development.

I can see that someone who is looking for a room for the same or next day would be more likely to use a mobile device to make a reservation. To make the process of checking in an easy and convenient one, make a point of sending the guest a confirmation number the day before their arrival.

Another way you can use your mobile web development to your advantage is to create a page specifically for conference attendees. Visitors who are planning to attend the event will be able to find information they need quickly and easily, and posting it on the hotel's mobile website will reduce the number of calls made to the hotel to find out about the daily itinerary and other details attendees need to know.


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