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Friday, May 11, 2012

Mobile Marketing Revenue to Rise with TV Streaming

mini TV with Smart View from Samsung
A recent study released by Juniper Research predicted that the number of smartphone users who will be watching TV on their smartphones will increase to 240 million by the year 2014. As the number of people streaming live TV through their mobile devices increases, the number of opportunities for businesses to make money through mobile marketing efforts will also increase.

The digital television industry has undergone some major changes over the past few years. As smartphone technology has improved, the number of consumers who are using these devices to watch video, including live television, has increased.

Consumers now have choices in when and what they watch. They no longer necessarily have to be at home at a set time to watch a TV show, which means that the mobile websites and mobile web development need to be innovative in their efforts to reach out to consumers in this market.

Short mobile ads definitely have a place for this target market. The viewer will likely expect to see some mobile campaigns and advertising, just as he or she does when watching a standard television broadcast, but the ads should be kept short. Mobile device users will be more likely to view the ad in its entirety if it is not too time-consuming to watch.

I think the concept of mobile marketing to streaming TV customers will be a lucrative mobile phone marketing opportunity for companies looking to tap in to this ever-growing market.


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