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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Best Practices for Mobile Engagement Focuses on Building Relationships

When I think about best practices for mobile engagement, the word "relationships" comes to mind. This form of mobile marketing allows companies to reach out to customers and connect with them directly to their handheld devices. To me, this implies a more personal relationship than putting an advertising message on a billboard or handing out brochures.

Instead, the text message is one that is more personal in nature. Mobile engagement marketing and other cell phone marketing messages can be sent to targeted groups with offers and other information that they will find interesting. Used properly, this mobile marketing strategy has the potential to increase sales and foster customer loyalty.

Like any good relationship, mobile engagement marketing needs to develop over time to work out well for both parties involved. The business will need to conduct itself in a respectful manner if it wants to keep the customer engaged.

Sending out text message advertising at a rate of one or two per month is a great way to keep the company name firmly focused in the customer's mind while ensuring that the customer doesn't feel bombarded with SMS text marketing messages. I think that another important factor to keep in mind when sending out mobile marketing messages is that the customer should be receiving offers that are not only relevant, but also limited to a certain amount of time. Having a clear call to action in your mobile engagement platform is an important part of getting the recipient of the text message to visit the business or place an order.

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