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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

QR code advertising needs to offer interactivity to consumers

As QR codes grow in popularity among marketers, there has been a growing debate over their effectiveness and longevity. These small square codes can be placed on displays, print ads, on letterhead and business cards, and other locations where they can be viewed and scanned by the customer's smartphone. QR codes for business can be an effective mobile marketing approach if once the code is scanned, the customer is taken to a mobile website, a video or some other location where they can have an interactive experience.

One solution for QR codes in advertising for small businesses would be to link the QR code to a dedicated mobile website or other mobile engagement platform, which will provide information about a special offer or a promotion to the viewer. Part of setting up the mobile marketing campaign should be to look at it from the customer's point of view so that the link the QR code is pointing to makes sense.

As long as the customer is being directed to a link that provides information that he or she will find interesting and relevant, a company is more likely to be able to use this mobile marketing strategy to get the customer to take action, which will ultimately lead to a sale. For example, if the QR code placed on in-store advertising points to a mobile landing page listing related products, the customer who is interested in one item may well end up adding to his or her order. This is a practical way that QR code marketing and QR code advertising can drive sales.