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Monday, May 21, 2012

Mobile Coupons Allow Retailers to Connect with Consumers

I've been thinking about how retailers can use mobile marketing techniques to connect with consumers in a meaningful way that will help them to increase sales and mobile coupons immediately came to mind. They are a way to present mobile phone marketing offers that consumers will find interesting and relevant directly to their smartphones or tablets.

This type of highly targeted mobile marketing technique makes it easy for retailers to develop an ongoing mobile engagement marketing relationship with their customers. The electronic coupons can be forwarded to customers on a regular basis. To get the maximum result, the mobile coupons should have a specific expiration date or be good during a certain time of day. This tactic provides a clear call to action for the recipient and encourages them to visit the retailer in a timely manner.

Some types of mobile coupons require the customer to e-mail them to him or herself before printing them. Other types of electronic coupons can be scanned at the cash register, and the discount is immediately applied to the customer's order. The latter type is the most convenient way to deliver a money-saving mobile coupon offer to a prospective buyer, since he or she doesn't have to take the extra step to print them and physically present them at the store.

If the idea is to make saving money easy and convenient, delivering offers directly to the customer's mobile device is the way to go.


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