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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Building a Loyalty Program through Mobile CRM

There are plenty of opportunities to engage customers and build a loyal base through rewards and loyalty programs on mobile devices, although many companies are not using this channel to its fullest potential. On average, American consumers are opted into about 18 loyalty programs, yet only carry 1-3 cards on a regular basis. However, most consumers have their phones with them at all times, with two-thirds of Americans reporting they have their phone next to them 24 hours a day, even while sleeping. I know my phone is with me at all times - at home, work, the gym, and yes, even when I am sleeping. When used correctly, mobile can be an excellent channel through which brands can build loyal customers for life.
Reaching customers through mobile can be an effective way to build loyalty and provide them with true value, giving them a reason to opt into a mobile program. Brands can offer loyalty program rewards such as:

Instant coupons – Customers can text or scan a QR code in-store to receive instant rebates. This not only benefits the customer, it will likely increase impulse purchases while customers are shopping. Brands can also track which coupons a customer redeems, increasing their ability to target communications on an individual basis.

 Invites to exclusive sales – One of the main reasons people opt into loyalty programs is to get rewards and offers that are not usually available. Inviting customers to sales that are exclusive to them is a great way to build relationships and create lifelong customers.


Special occasion rewards – Almost everyone likes a happy birthday wish or congratulations on an achievement or anniversary, so what better way to build relationships with your customers than by personalizing mobile messages that are uniquely for them. 


Alerts & Notifications – Notify customers when new products are available or send reminders for sales, special events, or appointments. This adds value and personalizes the shopping experience for your customers.  

In addition, converting to a mobile loyalty program is environmentally friendly since customers can ditch their plastic rewards cards and paper coupons. Moreover, it is likely the problem of forgetting your card or coupon at home will become outdated as more customers adopt mobile.

As mobile devices increase in popularity, so will the use of mobile loyalty programs. Brands that are smart will start using this channel early and win in the end with a large group of highly devoted customers.