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Friday, December 16, 2011

Demand for Mobile Health IT Products on the Rise

I wasn’t surprised at all to learn that the medical profession is embracing mobile health IT products. Healthcare providers want to take this one step further and work with even more sophisticated products that can provide them with patient medical records and other information they need quickly and efficiently.
Mobile Point of Care devices are becoming more commonplace in hospitals. Workstations on wheels, tablets and smartphones are part of the equipment doctors and other healthcare providers use to do their work. Seeing a doctor using them at a patient’s bedside or in an examining room is to be expected.
I found the results of a survey conducted by IDC Health Insights very interesting. The respondents reported using an average of 6.4 mobile devices every day. A full 42 percent stated that the physicians working in their facility had a high to very high adoption rate for these items. A full 86 percent of them predicted that the adoption rate would increase over the next year or two.
Laptops were the most popular mobile device, with 84 percent of respondents saying that they used them on the job. Over half of those surveyed said that they use workstations on wheels or a tablet while at work.
I predict that spending on these types of mobile health devices will continue to increase. If these devices help doctors do their work better, it can only be a good thing.