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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mobile Health Trends for 2012

Mobile health applications are becoming increasingly popular among healthcare providers. I can see that doctors would be interested in being able to access information on the go. The quality of the data they can access has a direct impact on the level of care they can provide to their patients. 

An app that can help doctors diagnose and treat various health concerns should help to streamline the delivery of healthcare services. A device used to collect EEG data paired with a lightweight head harness can be worn by a patient while sleeping. The collected data is forwarded to a remote server. The doctor can access it over the internet. 

Another interesting mobile health trend that I can see being popular in 2012 is an app that allows doctors to remotely monitor patients as they go about their daily activities. Not only is this approach more convenient for the patient, but the doctor may receive more accurate information by being able to constantly monitor a patient over time. I can see that a person who is in familiar surroundings will be more relaxed while being monitored.
The patient would be outfitted with a T-shirt that has a censor and the data collected would be transmitted with an iPhone. This mobile health app will allow the doctor to understand what types of events trigger a reaction in the patient. These details give doctors a better picture of the patient’s health and can help develop an effective treatment plan.

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