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Monday, December 5, 2011

QR Codes on Business Cards Give Job Seekers Advantage

As QR codes increase in popularity, I am impressed when I see them used creatively or outside of the norm. I recently discovered a new trend, where job seekers can use QR codes in their business cards to gain an advantage over the competition. The code can be added to a business card by a printer. The prospective employer then scans it and immediately sees the job seeker's LinkedIn profile or online resume.

This strategy will make the candidate stand out from other job seekers. A certain number of people will scan the QR code out of simple curiosity. Once this happens, the person who has received the business card gains access to information needed to determine whether to invite the candidate for a personal interview. At the very least, a job seeker has a better chance of having his or her qualifications reviewed by someone who is able to provide an employment opportunity.

I can see how this strategy would benefit someone working in the marketing field. It can open up a discussion about how QR codes could help the employer reach its goals. The job applicant is in a perfect position to make a case for the idea that he or she is the right person to be involved in it. Anything that can help a job seeker stand out from the crowd in a positive way is something that should be encouraged

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