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Monday, December 19, 2011

Mobile Security Features a Necessity for Consumers

I read the results of a study conducted by PC World magazine with great interest. Of the 1,410 readers who responded, 65 percent stated that they felt mobile security is needed on smartphones and tablets. A full 57 percent of respondents stated they would be prepared to pay for this type of protection.  
Given the amount of personal information stored on a consumer’s smartphone or tablet, I think it’s important for owners to consider all reasonable measures to keep it secure, and this includes installing security software as it becomes available. 

The threat to a mobile device owner’s information can also come in the form of malware, which can be introduced to them when downloading seemingly innocent files. Desktop computer owners are already familiar with the idea that they need to have good quality virus protection software in place if they want to keep the device running properly. 

The results of the survey are further broken down between Android and iOS owners. People who chose Android were more likely to state that they understood the need for security software than consumers who have an iOS system. The iOS owners, on the other hand, were more likely to state they were willing to pay for software that would make their mobile devices more secure. Android tablet owners were more likely to state that security software was necessary than people who bought an iPad.